Friday, September 12


Mr. Ramsey's suit for Mardi Gras Day 2006 commemorated the lost history of the Corner Bar. The names of all the old bars that no longer exist post-Katrina are listed on his suit. Courtesy of photographer, Courtney Egan, and Hurricane Digital Memory Bank.

The Cultures of Rebuilding in Post-Katrina New Orleans
November 6-8, 2008

The Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, the University of New Orleans Graduate School, and the Louisiana State Museum are collaborating with graduate students from Cambridge University for a conference that seeks to address the complex interplay between culture, heritage, and the rebuilding process. Timed to coincide with the three-year anniversary, the conference assumes that many of the primary rebuilding efforts will have been in place long enough to merit sustained analysis and critique. Taken broadly, we ask: how are culture and cultural heritage transformed, in both material and immaterial ways, following a natural disaster? How do culture and cultural heritage contribute to the rebuilding of a society following a disaster, and what are the processes by which culture and cultural heritage themselves are rebuilt? For more information on this event, including how to submit a paper for consideration, visit