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Call for Papers
8th Annual Louisiana Conference on Literature, Language and Culture
Hilton Garden Inn ~ Lafayette, Louisiana
March 5-7, 2009

Conference Theme: "Beyond Pleasure: The Force of Desire in Text and Culture"

Desire is central to human pursuits, and the determination to understand its function continues to drive inquiries into how we think, what we make and do, and what makes us who we are as individuals, families, cultures, and nations. Contemporary scholarship attests to a continuing preoccupation with desire and a commitment to laying bare its cultural machinations.

In one form or another, desire acts across forms of media, from novels to the network news, and even in the most "scientific" of research studies. Narrative is driven by desire, and literary texts and other cultural artifacts testify to the desires of those who write, compose, or imagine them. Yet desire also exceeds expressivity, driving not only the work of imagination and composition, but also emerging in the actions and attitudes of those who read, use, or make meaning of them throughout their existence in the public sphere. Not only manifest in an author's choices, desire is equally apparent in the processes of publication, in the systems of exchange which give it value, and in the imaginations of readers.

Meanwhile communities develop around shared desires and the practice of traditions determines how each new generation will reconcile its own desires with the desires of those who came before. The diversity of contemporary approaches to the examination of desire has grown in scope from purely psychological analysis to include projects which probe the personal, the political, the economic, and even the technological.

Submission of Abstracts
The conference welcomes the submissions of 350-500 word abstracts on the topic of desire from the following fields: Literary Studies, Travel Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Creative Writing (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama, and travel writing), Folklore, Linguistics, Modern Languages, History, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Critical Theory, Cognitive Science, Cybernetics and Information Sciences.

For more information, write Submission deadline is October 15, 2008.