Tuesday, September 30


A couple of weeks ago we shared news of the passing of oyster tong maker Albert "Corky" Richards. Today we learned of the passing of oyster tag printer and proprietor of the Franklin County Press, Genaro "Jiggs" Zingarelli, pictured above. From The Times (Apalachicola & Carrabelle):

For over six decades, the Franklin County Press hummed with the sounds of printing and conversation.

Monday through Friday, the antique presses came to life, roaring over the steady chatter of old friends who gathered each morning to talk politics, economics and whatever else came to mind.

Today, the presses are silent and the chairs, empty.

On the door, a floral wreath marks the passage of a man and an era in Apalachicola's history.

Genaro "Jiggs" Zingarelli, the Franklin County Press' founder and proprietor, passed away on Sept. 10 in Port St. Joe.

He was 93.

* * *

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