Monday, May 14


"Southern barbecue is a proud thoroughbred whose bloodlines are easily traced. Texas barbecue is a feisty mutt with a whole lot of crazy relatives."

~Robb Walsh, from the TX introduction

The SFA launched the Southern BBQ Trail on-line last fall, unveiling a collection of interviews that document barbecue in Alabama. In January we set our sights on Texas.

For the past four months, the SFA has been collaborating with the American Studies Department at The University of Texas at Austin and the Central Texas Barbecue Association to begin documenting barbecue in Texas. Dr. Elizabeth Engelhardt dedicated her graduate level American Foodways class to the collection of fieldwork for the Trail. SFA oral historian, Amy Evans, traveled to Texas to give a workshop on conducting interviews. Graduate students sat down with restaurant owners in and around Austin to collect their stories. Robb Walsh, SFA member and author of Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook, wrote the introduction for this, our Texas leg of the Southern BBQ Trail.

Go here to view the project on-line. Listen to Ben Wash of Ben's Long Branch explain how brisket became the foundation of Texas barbecue. Learn what Vencil Mares of Taylor Cafe puts in his sauce. Meet the Texans who have dedicated their lives to the craft of 'cue.