Saturday, February 24


Good news, fried chicken lovers!

I say this at the risk of sounding like I am crying wolf, but it appears that the end of the Scotch House project is truly not only in sight, but also within reach.

The last nine weeks have been nothing short of frustrating. The Thanksgiving work weekend did much to ready Ms. Seaton's apartment for her move home, but everything on the planet conspired against us and we were unable to connect the gas and electricity to make the place livable. There is now good news that I am extremely happy to report, however.

The electricity is on throughout the building. The central air/heat units were delivered and installed, and gas will be hooked up shortly. Work is completely finished on the house side of the building.

On the restaurant side there is a little touch-up painting to be done. The bar top is to be laminated, plumbing fixtures need to be installed, and the drain lines have to be tied into the sewer mains out on the street. After what seemed like a heavyweight title bout, we did manage to get the hood vent installed and a group contracted to install the fire suppression system. Things are chugging along on the restaurant side.

Given the unexpected twists and turns of this project, I am hesitant to set an opening date right this second. John T, Mary Beth and Lolis are hoping to get a firmer idea this and we will let everyone know as soon as we have reached a consensus. Until then, please keep you fingers crossed. We are very close and I could not be much more encouraged.

My very best, as always,

Johnny Snack
(a.k.a. John Currence)