Monday, September 25


SFA member Nancie McDermott is curious about cakes. Read her message below:

I will present a workshop on Southern Cakes at Women Chefs and Restrateurs' national conference in Atlanta this November. I will show slides to illustrate my presentation. If you have photographs or other illustrations you would be willing to share with me, I would be most grateful. Or if you have leads/suggestions for me to pursue on this subject, I would welcome those as well. Both historical and modern images would be of great interest to me.

a) Southern cakes, historical to modern.
b) Cakes in Southern context: people, places, events where cakes play a role, such as scenes of church homecoming, family reunion, birthday, holiday scene.
c) Cakes in Southern commercial setting: bakery display, cafeteria line, military, and/or people cooking or serving cake in such settings.

You could contact me by e-mail ( or by telephone (919) 933-8850. Many thanks for any ideas you might have for me. --Nancie