Monday, September 25


SFA member Nancie McDermott is curious about cakes. Read her message below:

I will present a workshop on Southern Cakes at Women Chefs and Restrateurs' national conference in Atlanta this November. I will show slides to illustrate my presentation. If you have photographs or other illustrations you would be willing to share with me, I would be most grateful. Or if you have leads/suggestions for me to pursue on this subject, I would welcome those as well. Both historical and modern images would be of great interest to me.

a) Southern cakes, historical to modern.
b) Cakes in Southern context: people, places, events where cakes play a role, such as scenes of church homecoming, family reunion, birthday, holiday scene.
c) Cakes in Southern commercial setting: bakery display, cafeteria line, military, and/or people cooking or serving cake in such settings.

You could contact me by e-mail ( or by telephone (919) 933-8850. Many thanks for any ideas you might have for me. --Nancie

Tuesday, September 19


SFA-ers may remember Fred Millender, owner of Fred's Best Seafood, for hosting our mullet smoking workshop during the Apalachicola field trip this past summer. Fred had such a good time with everyone at his place that he's sending out another invitation, this time to his birthday party. Fred will celebrate his 80th year at a gathering at the East Point Fire Department Community House from 2:30 -5:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 23. Why have a birthday party at the fire department? He just wants to be safe in case something unexpected happens with all those candles on his cake.

Read about Fred in the Apalachicola Times here:

See his oral history profile in the SFA Apalachicola project.