Tuesday, November 22


In the wake of the worst natural disaster in our history, the SFA has endorsed an independent member effort to create a PICKLE BANK. More than 90 percent of all funds received from the sale of hot and spicy pickles known as SOS SHARPIES goes to the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Relief Fund, which is solely for the benefit of unemployed Gulf Coast food workers. The PICKLE BANK is a way to rally the broad community of Southern food lovers to the aid of those whose labors have given so much pleasure.

At an SFA event in Louisville on Sept. 16, the 12-jar cases of "S.O.S. Sharpies"-short for "Spicy Old Southern-Style Hot Pickles"-were offered for sale at $120 per case, with 90 percent of the amount going directly to a worker relief fund. Half the cases were sold that weekend. The other half were spoken for the following week.

Orders are now being taken: your check should be made out to Pickle Relief Fund in the amount of $135 ($15 of that is for shipping) and mailed to PICKLES, 425 East Burnett St., Louisville, KY 40217. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Egerton's uncle and namesake, Nashville author John Egerton, a founder and former board member of SFA, says the pickles are "a perfect symbol" of the organization's commitment to helping others through food. "We first came together in 1999 out of a belief in the unifying power of Southern food," he explained. "Along with music and a few other things, food casts a very positive light on the region's past."It's deeply engrained in the Southern psyche to respond to tragedy with gifts of food. This time, we're selling a tasty, non-perishable food item to raise moneyfor people caught up in a disaster."

The funds generated will be disbursed through the New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund, which has been set up within the Greater Houston Community Foundation exclusively for the benefit of displaced food and restaurant workersin the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas.

If you still have questions, please call 502-523-6154 or email sossharpies@yahoo.com.