Monday, September 12


The SFA has heard from the following people, all of whom are safe: Lolis Eric Elie, Brooks Hamaker, Sara Roahen, Sara O'Kelley, Brett Anderson, Pableaux Johnson, the Eversmeyer family, Leah Chase , Willie Mae Seaton, John Besh, Randy Fertel, Jessica Harris, Julia Reed, Greg and Mary Sonnier, Marcy Jimenez, Matt Konigsmark, Peter Patout, Scott Simmons, Susan Spicer, Jason McCullar, Ken Smith, Frank Brigtsen, Chuck Subra, the Uglesich family, Austin Leslie, Jacques Leonardi, Adolfo Garcia, Allison Vines-Rushing, Slade Rushing, Dominique Macquet and family, Marcelle Bienvenu, Gene Bourg, Liz Williams; Dickie Brennan, Steve Pettus, Lauren Brennan Brower and their families; Kevin Roberts, Poppy Z. Brite, Chris DeBarr, Pete and Janis Vasquez, Poppy Tooker, Lorin Gaudin. Email has proven to be the best way to be in touch.

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