Thursday, September 8

Culinary Opportunities Available Temporarily

SFA has had a few offers from businesses who are interested in hosting special programs or culinary demonstrations on a temporary basis. Those that we know about are listed below. Permanent jobs are at

1) Austin

Chuy's -- Comida Deluxe, a restaurant company based in Austin, Texas, is interested in hosting a fundraiser for the restaurant community in New Orleans. The idea is to have chefs from famous New Orleans restaurants come to Austin on a temporary basis (maybe one each week) to do cooking demonstrations and also make their signature dishes over the course of the week. Proceeds from the demonstrations, signature dishes and bands would go to benefit hurricane victims in the New Orleans area, specifically those in the restaurant industry. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact Joe Kingsbury at

2) Hattiesburg

The Kitchen Table, in Hattiesburg, is willing to work with displaced chefs who might wish to run a culinary program in the store while they wait for things to get up and running along the coast again. If you're interested in this opportunity, e-mail for more info.

3) Tampa

The Lincoln Heights Bistro in Safety Harbor (near Tampa) is hosting a series of events called "Cookin' Fer N'awlins" They are sponsoring chefs, from those areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, on a temporary basis. They will feature a different chef 2 days each week, and will also try to provide leads on permanent employment in the area. The series begins on Sunday, September 25 and features Chef Richard Bond of The Mardi Gras School of Cooking and Catering in New Orleans. If you are interested in cooking, or attending, please contact Lincoln Heights Bistro at (727) 726-4210 or