Friday, July 1

SFA Sugar Babies in New Orleans

The folks in New Orleans are excited about the SFA's arrival for the field trip in July. A few months back the Brennan family sent out a query to New Orleans restaurants, asking them to develop sugar menus around our theme.

Here's what they asked: "This July, the Southern Foodways Alliance is having a mid-year meeting in New Orleans. The theme of their meeting is sugar. This group we would like to form would not be affiliated with SFA or any other organization. We would merely use the occasion of their coming to town as a catalyst for our plan. We will welcome them to town by each (whoever chooses to participate) creating dishes based on sugar. No other rules or boundaries."

Following is a slightly edited recap of what happened. Keep these co-conspirators in mind when traveling to New Orleans this July.


Sugar-Inspired Promotion Promises A Sweet Summer

NEW ORLEANS, La. (May 11, 2005) - Need something to satisfy that sweet tooth? This July, New Orleans has your answer. In partnership, the finest restaurants in town will serve some seriously sweet dishes, all in honor of one historic ingredient - sugar. A spirited promotion initiated by the folks at Commander's Palace (1403 Washington Ave.) - and aptly called Sugar Babies - area chefs will participate to offer locals and visitors a little something special during the hot summer months, and to foster camaraderie among the restaurant community. No rules or boundaries apply - except for chefs to get as creative with sugar as they can possibly be.

Commander's Palace finds it most appropriate to celebrate this beloved ingredient. "We are very proud of New Orleans' friendly culinary atmosphere, and with the onset of summer we thought, 'why not?'" says Co-Owner Ti Adelaide Martin. "We embrace the fact that as one of the most exciting food cities in America, we can still unite to celebrate our local ingredients and reach out to the community in a good-natured way."

The renowned New Orleans chefs-turned-Sugar Babies hail from some of the country's most celebrated kitchens. Many have received favorable nods from the prestigious James Beard Foundation, as well accolades from national media outlets. Participants include Tory McPhail/Commander's Palace; Kevin Vizard/Cafe Adelaide; Frank Brigtsen/Brigtsen's; Donald Link/Herbsaint; Mat Wolf/Gautreau's Restaurant; Gerard and Eveline Crozier/Chateaubriand Steakhouse; Wayne and Debbie Pierce/Bon Ton Cafe; Michelle McRaney and Cindy Brennan/Mr. B's Bistro; Tom Weaver and Joseph and Jerry Fein/Court of Two Sisters; Kenneth Smith/Upperline Restaurant, Anjay Keswani/Nirvana Indian Cuisine, Jacques Leonardi/Jacques-Imo Cafe, Erik Veney/Muriel's Jackson Square, Leah Chase/Dooky Chase's, Chuck Subra/La Cote Brasserie and Tommy DiGiovanni/Arnaud's Restaurant.