Monday, June 6

Seeking Food Issue Feedback

Dear Good Folks at SFA,

Greetings from The Oxford American.

We hope you've had a chance to peruse our latest issue, THE OXFORD AMERICAN's first-ever Southern Food Issue. (As you may know it includes the first advertisement the SFA has ever run, a comp we provided for y'all.)

We're interested in getting your critiques of the Southern Food Issue (PRO or CON!) and therefore we invite you to send us letters on the subject. We're writing to you because we know you're passionate--and informed--on the subject of Southern cuisine. You may write anything you please as long as you speak honestly (don't worry, we've got thick skin!).

If you're interested, please email your critiques to me at

We appreciate your feedback!

Best wishes,

Carol Ann Fitzgerald
Managing Editor
The Oxford American
201 Donaghey, Main 107
Conway, AR 72035