Monday, March 8

The Fish Market Restaurant George Sarris came to Birmingham from Greece in 1969. After a few years of working in restaurants owned by relatives and fellow countrymen, he partnered with his uncle in The Fish Market Restaurant on South 21st Street downtown. In 1982 he bought the business from his uncle and has since become a veritable ambassador of Greek food and culture. In addition to running the restaurant, Mr. Sarris has an import company that deals in Greek products from his native Tsitalia. But with everything from fried green tomatoes to baklava on the restaurant's menu, it is apparent that his place is as Southern as it is Greek. George's father, Kostandinos Sarris, has retired from his days running Sarris's Hot Dogs and can often be found visiting with friends at his son's place. The photograph here is of George and his father and was taken this afternoon after our interview. Tomorrow I head to Niki's West, Gus's Hot Dogs and revisit the legendary Pete's Famous Hot Dogs. Stay tuned. There is much, much more to come!